backery gastronomy pastry
backery gastronomy pastry


Air Pro. Bakes in a uniform, enveloping manner, to the core of the product.

The Air Pro distribution system guarantees for a uniform diffusion of heat inside the cooking chamber. The results are tender fillets, crunchy cutlets, soft baked goods, and prepared frozen ready meals.


Steam Pro. Ideal steam for soft, juicy cooking.

Cooking with the right amount of steam prevents foods from drying, reducing the loss of weight to a minimum.
With the Steam Pro system, the flavor of roasts and flans is enhanced, along with an appetizing aspect.


Dry Pro. For a product that is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

The Dry Pro system allows to quickly expel moist air from the chamber during the final cooking phases of a product, when the surface must become crisp and golden.


Offering flavors and dishes for all tastes.

With an ideal degree of steam, saturated with moisture nd a high temperature, it is possible to cook dishes in an optimal manner: egg, vegetable, and fish dishes, as well as blanching and stewing.