The Company

Xone is the fruit of its founders’ proven experience in the field of designing and manufacturing ventilated ovens for the HOSPITALITY and BAKERY sectors.

The products are all created using the KNOW-HOW we have built up over the years, so that everyone who chooses Xone is sure to get the best possible results: all our models are designed for optimal performance.

With no detail overlooked and the ovens made by applying the highest standards of Italian manufacturing, close monitoring of processes and careful selection of the base materials, we feel we can propose our whole range of ovens for bakeries and catering kitchens safe in the knowledge that each one will be a guarantee of success. The Xone range of professional ovens represents the best of Italian industry combined with our country’s passion for good food.

The Xone bakery ovens are a concentration of the best manufacturing technologies and ultra-sophisticated electronics. They are suitable for all methods of baking and, thanks to the infinite number of possible combinations, you can customize your methods to get the best results in terms of both taste and aesthetics. The range is made up of a large number of ovens for baking both bread and confectionery and each oven comes complete with all the professional accessories you need.

The experience built up over the years has allowed Xone to produce equipment that will satisfy even the most demanding kitchen professional: a complete range of ovens for professional kitchens with a choice of manual and electronic controls. Top-level ventilation, rounded corners, large front viewing windows and a whole host of other details make Xone the choice for every kitchen that needs modern, highly professional cooking systems.

Our Mission

THE IMPORTANCE OF SIMPLICITY The world of small-scale catering teaches us that very often what customers appreciate most is eating products which have just come out of the oven. Xone allows you to regenerate, cook and offer your customers that fresh-out-of-the-oven pleasure without being forced to set up a professional workshop.

INNOVATE The soul of Xone lies in being able to provide customers who want to get to know us better ways to always keep up with the new ideas and new products we launch, as each time we do, it’s a new evolution in ventilated ovens.